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At the Betting Exchange for Soccer Punters


This has to do with soccer betting. An exchange is a betting website where soccer punters bet against each other. They can assume the position of bookmakers and offer odds on stuff not to happen so long as they are betting in the normal way. The way in which bets are made slightly varies from traditional bookmakers because they are able to request your own odds-on markets as well as placing your bet at the offered odds right away.

The closer you request your odds to the trading price where it is currently set, the more likely it is that your bet may be matched. If your bet does not get matched before the beginning of the event the bet will be nullified and your stake gets returned to you.

The higher odds you request the less probable your bet will be matched, and simply people looking to Lay Liverpool will take the lowest odds that are requested, first.

Laying is the act of betting on an outcome you do not wish to see happen.

If you wish to make a bet you must see what price it is currently trading at and make the choice whether or not you want to bet or stop at that price and have your bet matched straight away or whether you may offer your own odds in hopes that a backer will want to match your bet at those very odds. If the bet does not get matched, no bet takes place and the stake remains in your account.

Exchanges say that on average they offer 20% than traditional bookmakers. This figure is somewhat biased as most short-priced selections are to be more or less the very same odds on an exchange that they’ll be for bookmakers, sometimes they’re even worse.

But bigger price selections, especially those over the odds of 10/1, often you receive a much much bigger price than traditional bookmakers offer though always check all bookmaker’s odds as well as exchanges because this is not always the case.

Exchanges are unique because they let you trade on events and make a nice profit on whatever you think the outcome will be before the event actually takes place. The case with traditional bookmakers is that you may only win money if you can correctly predict the outcome of an event though with exchanges you might win money simply by predicting market moves.

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