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How to Win Online Casino Roulette


Figuring out how to win online casino roulette can be tricky, but there are numerous good strategies to attempt. As with any other game you would play in a casino, you have to know the rules before you start risking money. One big advantage with online casino roulette is the unlimited practice rounds. You get to play for fun and familiarize yourself with the rules before risking actual money.

Once you are ready to go, follow these tips on how to win .The overall rules of winning still apply. Because of the payout available when you hit a single number in roulette, there is a feeling among gamblers that a comeback is in store. It usually isn’t. When you find yourself on a hot streak, take the opportunity to ride it out. Remember, if you have been winning, it is the best time to go big, as you are playing with the house’s money.

If you lose, you didn’t lose any money out of pocket. Knowing when to quit and when to push on is one way how to win online casino roulette.
Know the different payouts. Since a bet on black or red has the highest probability of winning (nearly 50%), beginners tend to stick to these “safer” slots on the table. Sure, it isn’t as risky a bet, but it’s also a lower payout (1 unit to every unit you bet).

The highest risk always delivers the highest payout and they are serious about playing roulette online real money. Think of it as picking the underdog. If you want to capitalize in the long run, you need to hit with the single number bets, which pay. Lenore the history of the wheel. When a wheel has hit an 11 twice in the past three spins, the probability it will hit 11 again goes way down, right? Wrong.

A real roulette wheel has no memory, and neither does an online casino’s roulette wheel. Since mimicking a real roulette wheel is a software developer’s goal, assume the same principles apply. The same probability of hitting an 11 exists, even after the wheel hits 11 three straight times. It might seem crazy — and in card games it would be — but it is a fact of life in this table game.

Get to know the European system. As a gambler out to win at any table game, you have to know the house’s edge on specific plays if you want to know how to win online casino roulette. In European or “single 0” roulette, the odds go up in the bettor’s favor. The elimination of that second zero (the double zero, also represented in green on the table) lowers the house’s edge significantly (by greater than 40%).

If you want to play at better odds, find an online casino that offers both styles: American and European. Depart from your lucky numbers. A number ceases to be lucky in roulette when it has proven to be a consistent loser for you. Ditch your lucky numbers — whether it be an old street address, your age when you got married, or a child’s birth year — and stick with actual moneymakers.

If you follow each of the 5 tips, you’re going to have an edge when you play roulette online. Find out how well this game has translated to the internet.

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